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Phone: (408) 761-6258

"How Do You Teach?"

Learn to play the drums in months instead of years! 

How Do The Lessons Go? 
"How Do You Teach?"

"What Do You Teach?"

    You want to know how it feels to play the drums and I get that. On your very first lesson, I will show you what you need to know to play the drums and you will finally get that experience. After that, you will learn how to play all different types of basic beats and fills that will enable you to play all of your favorite songs. 

     Please Note: Even though you may never become professional, which is totally okay, the information that you need to be able to play is the same. Lessons will be fun but serious and the commited student is encouraged. 



Raymond likes his drum lessons.

30 Minute Lesson $35.00

Payment Methods:
Venmo, PayPal and Zelle

Lesson Philosophy:
   I believe in technique and ergonomics in drumming. Drumming is very physical but it doesn't have to be painful or exhausting. Over the last 25 years, I have mastered a technique that,  unbeknownst to me, was invented by a great Master Teacher named Murray Spivack many decades ago which focuses on hand-muscle development and energy displacement.  Most teachers will not deal with or address the issue of technique and will tell students to "do what feels comfortable for you". This is not an answer. When you study with me, you will get answers and I will present you with answers that you will not find on Youtube.
   I teach a wide range of ages in my studio, many of whom have been playing for some years and have already had lessons or done "online lessons" to avoid paying for lessons.  When folks come in to see me, their biggest complaint is that they just can't get any better. The problem for these more experienced folks is not usually a lack of talent. The biggest problem that people have when they come into my studio is a lack of efficient, ergonomic technique.  This is usually the result of trying to self- teach from watching Youtube videos or taking lessons from someone who has bad technique and is passing it on to them.  Bad technique will cause a player to have pain, less control and less speed when they play. Most importantly, a lack of good technique will keep you from getting better and sounding good!!!!  The good news is, with some work and dedication, bad technique can be fixed if you are willing to put in the work. If a person follows my method, they can turn their technique around in matter of weeks.  My proprietary technique will give you the control and power you need to get better - way better. 
   The perfect time to learn good technique is in the beginning. If you want to sound good and be able to play the "fun stuff" and "cool fills", spend time  on your hands and enjoy the rest of your life playing drums from a much more enjoyable vantage point! Or, you could just keep doing what feels comfortable for you...
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