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Music MP3s and Videos

Here's a student showcase that I played for last Summer featuring some of the Rocio Guitard Vocal Studio top talent.

Here is a show at Cafe Pink House with the Eric Bolvin Quorum on January 23.

"LInger" with Whitney Nicole 2011.

"Def Ears" with Whitney Nicole

"Fight Or Flight" with Whitney Nicole

"Leopard Coat" with I.B.O.P.A.

"Sex So Evil" with I.B.O.P.A.

"Hives" with I.B.O.P.A.

Here's a video from my old band, The Rhythm District. This is from our CD release concert at Neto's on September 14th, 2013.  This song is called "I Want You".

Here, I am singing vocal bass and percussion with the group Vocal Underground from the old days. I was and am a semi-professional singer. 

Here is a recent wedding gig I did with singer Jamie Morgan.

Here is a video from the Art & Soul Festival in Oakland with the Noel Catura Quintet. I take a solo in this one too. This one is called "Donna Lee".

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