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Testimonials from Brady's Students


"I am a new drummer if I may be so presumptive. I started drumming, from scatch, one year ago, and at an advanced age. I told Brady that I would be the worst student he ever had. I can't imagine having a better teacher. He is a great guy, is patient with me, is encouraging, and able to answer my questions at a level right for me. He does not overwhelm me, as well he could. The more I know the more I can appreciate his drumming; I can only dream of such. My drumming future is in Brady's hands, and I am most confident that I will be well taken care of. He gets my best recommendation."       ~ Curtis


"I've been taking lessons with Brady for a year now and I'm really glad that I came here. I think Brady's approach to teaching is perfect - He really makes you work on fundamentals but at the same time you get to play your favorite songs from day one. He will explain and even show you how to play difficult parts. And if you think that "those who can do, do; those who can't, teach" then just come to one of his concerts (his band, The Rhythm District, is regularly playing around the Bay Area)!

But what I like most about Brady is that he is a great guy. He is not just a teacher, but also a friend."    ~ Andrey


"I have been receiving drum lessons from Brady for the past 10 years. His focus on fundamentals enables students to mature into drummers who can play absolutely anything. After the fundamentals are learned, Brady has an endless supply of records, CDs, and MP3s that offer never ending challenges. You can also bring in your Ipod and play whatever song you like, and he will teach you how to make it sound great. It is easy to identify a student of Brady's, they play fast, powerfully, and right on tempo. Brady is the only drum teacher to go to in the Bay Area."       ~ Omri


Kristin W.


My 13 yo son has been taking drum lessons from Brady for over a year now and he is great. He is a very personable guy - always fun to talk to. He is very reliable, easy to work with, reasonably priced. My son has learned so much and has found a new passion for music.

R. S.


My 13 year old daughter has been taking drum lessons from Brady for about a year. When my daughter first asked for drum lessons, I thought it was a whim and she would soon grow bored with it. After reading reviews, we sought out Brady. That turned out to be an excellent decision. Brady has a way of communicating with people of all ages that is encouraging, understanding, yet demanding of the best that his students can give. He is extremely well organized, and his students follow a clear cut instructive path from the beginning. Yet the student is not constrained to a particular style of music, and can enjoy learning to drum to whatever style of music appeals to them. My daughter has steadily progressed under Brady's guidance, moving from simply rhythms to more complex beats. All the while, Brady's demeanor encourages her to practice and to further her skills. I highly recommend Brady's Drum Studio.

Ed C.


Highly recomended.

I've been studying drumming with Brady for the past year. Prior to that, I had never studied drums. Brady does a great job of balancing technique and music reading with whatever type of music the student enjoys. 

Brady's focus on technique is welcome as this not only helps improve performance but, more importantly, helps prevent overuse injuries. I plan on playing drums for a long time and appreciate the solid foundation.

If proper technique is the foundation, music reading is the next layer. Brady is very good at explaining the notation but goes further by really drilling down on the dynamics and artistic expression of the individual pieces.

Finally, Brady encourages his students to find music that speaks to them and then work on those pieces. Because Brady is so versatile and talented as a drummer you never can really stump him. He can always break down what the drums are doing in a piece and help the student approximate the sound.

By combining these three elements Brady keeps the learning process fresh and moving forward. 

As an instructor, Brady is relaxed, laid back, very patient, and always constructive (the sonic violence I've subjected him to would have had a normal person running for the hills.)

Andrew Y.


Brady has been my drum teacher now for about 8 months. I had already been playing drums for about 3 years. The first day I walked in Brady told me the way I was holding my sticks would limit me from further growth. The way I was holding my the same way I was holding them for 3 years. Going home to practice that week was rough, I really had to come to grips with letting someone else tell me my weaknesses. After 1 month I was able to adapt the grip and play better than I was before I did. From that day I have never questioned Brady's integrity. 

He had the balls to take a risk and tell me what I don't want to hear. This is exactly what a great drum instructor has to do, and many will not do this. 

If you want to spend money and IMPROVE your drumming, Brady is your guy. His years of experience and humble attitude will take you to highs only limited by amount of practice you put in.

Mary K.


I started taking lessons from brady last year, and its been one of the best decisions in my life.  I came to drumming at 34, being called to percussion after giving up music as a child.  The vision of what being able to read, hear, and play music on a deep level has both expanded and refined under Brady's guidance.  An accomplished and active musician himself, Brady embodies that rare and essential space for instruction...someone who both has personal mastery, and can break down and teach his expert process in a way that's accessible to true beginners.  Generous, hilarious, deeply practical, and honest about both areas for improvement and areas of strength, this is a studio where learning and growth can be a fun and lifelong process.

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